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Related post: Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 23:04:20 -0600 From: Dream Spinner Subject: "Aaron and Bow Wow: Puppy Love" (celeb, t/t)Caution/Welcome. Back by popular demand is the rap singer Lil Bow Wow in a gay fantasy with fourteen-year-old Aaron Carter five weeks before his fall 2002 tour. This story does not reflect nor imply a real event nor the real sexual orientation of these two hot young singers. It is the twenty-first of stand alone stories in a series of Aaron Carter and Friends fanfic gay fantasies and follows the story "Shootout at Knotts Wagon Camp Theatre". Aaron and Bow Wow have been featured in two previous stories, number 8 "Aaron and Bow Wow: Give the Dogg a Bone" and number 19 lolitas porn bbs young "Aaron and Bow Wow: Brown Sugar Rush". If you do not like reading gay fantasies about teenage boys or celebrities, or about interracial sex, this is where you stop natural lolitas ls island and hit the back tiny cuties lollies young or delete key. This story is posted at free gay adult story sites for the purpose of adult entertainment. Permission is not given to copy electronically for the purpose of redistribution or posting at sites other than described without the permission of the author. Lyrics are copyrights of Aaron Carter and Lil Bow Wow. Comments and hot pics of Aaron and Bow Wow making out can be sent to the author J.O. Dickingson at authorsixhotmail.com AARON AND BOW WOW: PUPPY LOVE "Weren't the sets like so totally awesome?" Aaron asked, staring up at the ceiling. "Fa sho! Like Ludacris' tree house. Wasn't dat like so outta sight?" "Unbelievable." "I tink the show was twice as good as last year, and last year was the inaugural night of the awards," observed Shad as he flopped down on the king-size bed beside Aaron. "Maaaannn, I can't rusian ilegal lolita child believe the size of lolita bbs pic under dat fuckin' theatre!" "I read an article somewhere where they described the Kodak Theatre illigal 13 yo lolita as being the crown jewel of the whole complex." "Speaking of jewels, I bet dere'll be lots of comments in the media about Janet Jackson's diamond belly chain," observed Shad and the two boys grinned at each other as they recalled her expensively draped belly. "It must have been fucking awesome up there on the stage looking out at the audience." "You better so believe it!" "I think your entry on the tower was one of the best entrances." "T'anks." Shad appreciated the comment. Unlike the first award show where he'd gotten the Viewer's Choice Award, he hadn't received any awards this time around, and when his co-star Morris Chestnut from the film "Like Mike" stepped out onto the stage, he had actually digital animated cyber lolita gotten louder screams from the women in the audience than he had, his own reception being mild in comparison. Aaron was very much aware of the disappointment that comes with award shows, and had made the comment on purpose, not that he put any great stock into a gaggle of screaming girls. Now, a gaggle of screaming boys . . . "The pyrotechnics were somet'in' else too,\donchew tink?" "Oh yeah, wicked," Aaron responded, his mind returning to reality. "Personally though, they might be awesome for the fans, but I think they can distract from the real star on stage, the performer. Like, don't you think they can be overdone?" "Oh fa sho. Besides, I've always been leery of 'em, especially after wut happened to Michael." He was referring to one of his longtime idols, Michael Jackson, and a well-known accident where he'd actually caught on fire. "Thought there was going to be some fireworks between Snoop Doggy Dog and Suge Knight tonight." "Yeah, well, Suge is an asshole," Shad observed, quickly coming to the defence of his close friend and idol. "I thought they might actually come out with nude child pics lolita fists flying, or knives." "Snoop would never do dat. He'd never diss the award ceremony dat way." "So what was it all about?" "Who knows wut it was about?" Shad said with a shrug. 18 years lolitas pics "Dere's a lot of professional rivalry between the two of 'em, and they never have cared much fo each other." "That's one thing that bugs me about our business. lolitas naked young model People have no idea the work that goes into performing, or the competition, and they certainly don't know about the backstabbing and the rumours that are made up and circulated on purpose to get that one step ahead of the next guy." "You sure got dat right. And you know another t'ing little lolli pussy pics dat bugs me? The media is quick to jump on anyt'ing dat's controversial, but when somet'in' good happens, you practically have to pay the mothas to write about it." "Yeah, that's like so true. And another one of my peeves is that fans think being a singer is all fun and fame." "Fa sho. They don't know the dangers or the work dat goes into performing, or making a record." "The sweat, aching feet, tortured vocal cords." "Leg cramps, sore muscles, security guards." "Hours of practising the same lyrics over and over." "They tink dat it's all fun and parties." "Like tonight." "Well, okay, dere are some parties," Shad said with a grin. "And some parties are really wild, like tonight! It was awesome. The food, the conversation, sven board lolitas bbs the people, everything. You introduced me to so many singers and performers. I gotta be honest. Some I've never even heard of before." "Well, we do run in different circles." "We do, and I'm glad those circles overlapped last summer and we got to know each other," Aaron said sincerely. "Me too. You know wut, next month it'll be a year!" "Yeah, and if we hadn't met I certainly wouldn't have gone to the second annual Black Entertainment Television Awards, nor be staying here at the Renaissance. Like, this hotel room is so fucking fantastic," observed Aaron as he glanced around. Less than a year old, the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel, with its modern grey, blue and red exterior, was part of Hollywood's new retail and entertainment complex with direct naked little lolita pictures access to the Kodak Theatre, the hotel being built with occupancy by the many stars in the entertainment industry in mind. The room that Shad had arranged for them to share lolita portals ls bbs that night was one of the smallest, and at that was larger than his living room. The king-size double bed with the blue mattress and yellow bed cover and huge yellow pillows with blue trim dominated the room, which was fine as the bed was where he expected and certainly hoped the action to be that night. The cushioned chairs were each of a different colour and design and the tables, a small dining table and a coffee table, were of the most modern design and matched the contemporary art on the walls. The room looked out over Los Angeles and the famous Hollywood sign across the valley. "Dis room is somet'in' else all right. You sho won't find anyt'ing like dis in Columbus Ohio," Shad observed as he glanced around. His mother and father had gone ballistic when he'd told them he wanted to stay at the Renaissance, but his producer Jermaine Dupri pointed out that attending the parties after the awards, most of which were at the hotel, was of paramount importance in furthering his career, and his lawyer David Kokakis pointed out that little lolitas art galleries it was far safer to lolitas 6 year sex stay right there and probably just as ***** by the time they hired a limo and driver to take him somewhere else. That was convincing enough, but in addition there was the assurance by his security guard that it would be easier to protect him (keep an eye on him in his parents' absence is what Shad knew he meant) and the fact that Shad wanted to repay Aaron for inviting him and paying his way to Marathon three months ago. "I can't tell you how sweet this is. This room must have cost you a fortune." "Wut's money for if not fo spendin'?" asked Shad with a grin. "Yeah, and we're worth it," Aaron joked. "You sho got dat very young child lolita right, bro," Shad responded with an even huger grin and the two boys high-fived Aaron smiled. Being called a bro was a high complement. As he'd mentioned, he and Shad had actually only met just under a year ago, when he was on tour in Shad's hometown of Columbus Ohio and Shad had reluctantly come to hear him, reluctantly because he was not into the type of music that Aaron sang, and had only gone because his mother figured he could learn something from Aaron. Shad loved his mother dearly and would never defy her, though like any teenager, he would on occasion question her intelligence, which he had upon hearing her suggestion that day. As it was, she was right, in more ways than she knew. He had learned a few things from watching the performance, some moves and timing and the like, and even more later that sultry night beside the Olentangy River when he learned first hand, or perhaps more accurately first foot, of Aaron's major fetish. On that hot and humid night he experienced his first mutual jerk off, using each other's feet nonetheless, and in addition his first mutual blow job. Then, last March, for Shad's hot lollita girls pics fifteenth birthday, Aaron had sent totaly naked preteens lolitas him plane tickets to join him in Marathon, and had further introduced him to some deep kissing and foreplay and some hot oral sex on his favourite secluded beach. "So, did you enjoy yoself?" Shad asked, certain Aaron had but wanting to be sure, and lolitas rusian 13 years not knowing what else to say anyway. "This has been like so sweet! I can't thank you enough for inviting me." "Hey, I'm glad dat you were able to come." "No, that's where I spilt a bit of cream cheese at the buffet," Aaron joked, looking down at his new Armani cargo pants he had purchased especially for the occasion. He'd figured the mud colour particularly suited him, but it did show up stains well, especially wet ones. "Dat's african lolitas pussy pics wut I like about you." "My sense of humour?" "Dat you the only guy I know who tinks more about sex than I do." "Speaking of that, I've got some fireworks that haven't been shot off yet," Aaron said with a grin as he stroked his crotch. "Hey, gothic lolita nn bbs I told you dat I was leery of pyrotechnics." "And you should be. This can set you on fire." "Oh yeah?" "So what do you say? Interested? Or too tired?" "Too tired? No way man! preteen lolita video models I'm pumped!" "Great, because I sure don't feel like sleeping either." "So, you got any ideas in particular my man?" In response, Aaron rolled over and propping nude beautiful lolitas bodies himself up on one asian lolita sex links arm, he leaned over and planted a long, hot kiss on his host's lips. "Mmm, and wut do you do for an encore?" Shad asked, looking up at him through half-closed eyes. Aaron kissed him again, a long, passionate kiss, which Shad returned. It was more than just two boys kissing in order to get themselves hard. The kisses were tender, the type of kisses lovers exchange, kisses that came from the heart, not the groin. For Aaron, Shad was one of a number of boys he'd had sex with, one of sixteen actually, but the others were explorations and experimentations, lolita dream teenies top or one-night spur of the moment romps. With Shad it was different. For one this would be his third rendevous with the young rap singer, and was a night he had been looking forward to for the past two months, ever hentai incest lolicon stories since Shad had asked him if he'd like to come to the BET Awards with him. Since the all too short visit nude asian lolita nymphette Shad had made to his home back in March, the two had Emailed each other regularly, sharing the events of their daily lives, both the exciting events teen lolitas in shower like guest appearances and performances and the humdrum of daily practises. young y lola nudes They talked about their families, Shad especially about his mom, whom Aaron quickly found out he loved dearly, and Aaron about Nick, who despite their age differences and different personalities were exceptionally close. As they got to know each other, the two boys shared their more personal lolita preteen gay boys thoughts, their private dreams and goals. Shad loved rapping and singing, porno lolita double penetration but he also had thoughts of owning his own record company and producing his own acts some day. Aaron shared the dream of having his own record label, but he also had thoughts of attending FSU or UCLA to become a marine biologist. Over the weeks phrases like "was thinking about you" and "with love til I write again" became more and more frequent in Aaron's correspondence, and he began to look forward to Shad's Email naked young loli girls messages more than anything else. In Shad's case, Aaron was the first and only boy he'd ever had sex with. The first night it had been more a matter of exploration and a bit of one-upmanship with him trying loli 13yr pussy pics to outdo Aaron and all nude lolitas bbs prove that whatever Aaron did, he could do too. Besides, both were pumped up and feeling randy, and to be truthful, Aaron had come on to him and the thought of getting blown by a white boy had turned him on. Their second time together had been a hot afternoon and evening of simply enjoying each other's company and enjoying being a boy. He was after all a sexual being in a sexual world, so why not enjoy it? He had learned from his parents at the age of six when they'd taken him to the Chronic Tour in his hometown and encouraged him to get up on the stage that you seized the opportunity when it arose, and he'd learned from his mentor and idol Snoop that life was to be enjoyed. So he did. Little did he suspect how things would change after that quick visit to Marathon. young pussy nude lolitas Since then he'd gotten to know the real Aaron, not the wholesome, eye candy, pop singer the media portrayed, nor the horny sex-maniac he'd spent a couple hot days in the Florida sun with, but a fellow teenager who cared about him, and whom he cared about, and who had dreams and nightmares and a whole lot of questions just like he did. Over the ensuing months the two boys had shared many things that even close buddies do not, their inner feelings and thoughts, their private joys and fears, and most of all, their hopes, for themselves, for sandra lolita preteen model their families, and for the world. Their charities for example were not tax writeoffs or promotional gimmicks, they were issues each felt strongly about, and each could talk for hours about their importance. They were in positions where they could do something, and they took that seriously. As the days passed, they found that the white pop singer from the Florida Keys and the black rap singer from Ohio were not really all that different. They found they both had many of the same questions, questions about why they were preteen kiddie lolita thumbs famous and the boy next door was not, why nude young lolitas videos they had talents others did not, why those talents were so appreciated, why they were so blessed and in a sense cursed at the same time and why they had feelings for each other as they did, not just as buddies, but something that went deeper. At the first BET Awards Kiely from 3LW had commented that Shad was her "boo" and that had gotten him angry, along with a lot of others as it was not true. If Aaron had made the same observation this year he'd have been pleased, and probably would have said the feeling was mutual. Well, considering they were both boys, probably not, but he would have felt like it. "Mmm, I love your cologne. I can never remember the name of it." "It's a lot easier to remember dan Issey Miyake," Shad responded with a smile, referring to Aaron's current preference. "You remembered!" "Of course." "So what is it?" "Davidoff." "Well, David had better stay off, because you're mine." Shad pressed his body close to Aaron as they embraced. "From the speed you turning on, maybe they should rename it Aaronoff." "Mmmm," sighed Aaron, "I'd endorse it any time. I love the dispenser that comes with it." Shad grinned as he reached up and slowly unbuttoned Aaron's shirt, an expensive Armani blue stripe print. Pulling it out of his pants, he slipped it off the fourteen-year-old's shoulders, revealing his smooth, muscular torso. Aaron's performances involved a lot of dancing and acrobatics, and it showed in his firm compact pecs and deltoids and the muscles of his arms. Rolling Aaron over on his back, Shad rolled over and straddled him dexo lolitas pedo models and kissed his neck and his collar bone. His smooth, moist lips skipped down the centre of Aaron's chest, planting light kisses on their way and his long, multi-braided hair fell over his face and brushed against Aaron's skin, causing the fourteen-year-old to arch with desire. Aaron's pecs were firm but still softly rounded, lacking the definition that comes with age. Shad kissed his right breast and nibbled on his right teat, causing Aaron to squirm with pleasure. He continued to nibble on it until it became firm and caused Aaron to whimper and desperately slip his hands under Shad's T-shirt and caress his smooth, broad back. Like Aaron, Shad had been particularly selective in choosing what he wore for this night, not for the award ceremonies themselves, which he left up to his mom and PR agents, but for afterward, for the party following the awards, and for Aaron. The yellow and burgundy block print T from the Banana Republic was perfect: stylish, comfortable, and sexy-looking, and it went well with the shiny brownish-black nylon DKNY trousers he'd selected. As Shad ran his tongue over Aaron's chest to his other nipple and began to lick and nibble on young lolitas galleries cp it, Aaron dug his fingers into Shad's back and thrust his hips up against his groin. Throwing his head back and running his tongue over his dry lips as he closed his eyes, he pushed up Shad's T and massaged his back vigorously, driven by the tremors of delight rippling out from his two irritated nipples. He inhaled deeply and rapidly as he quivered with the arousal of his swollen teats and as he felt his cock swelling in his cargo sun freedom lolita bbs pants. The two boys kissed again, this time more feverishly, and Aaron drew off Shad's T, revealing his delightful dark brown chest. Although nine months older than Aaron, he was eight inches shorter and twenty-four pounds lighter. Like Aaron he kept himself in good very young naked lolitas physical shape, but also like Aaron, his chest muscles still had not developed the definition that came with age. Also like Aaron, his pits were smooth and hairless and at the moment damp. The two boys wrapped their arms about each other and rolling over on their sides, they drew each other close as they continued to kiss and caress. Their hands dropped and they fiddled with each other's belts and the snaps of each other's trousers, and they eagerly pulled down each other's fly. Raising his hips, Shad allowed Aaron to push his shiny trousers down, and then Aaron did likewise as Shad pushed down his slim fit cargos. Removing each other's trousers, the two boys resumed their lovemaking, kissing and caressing each other, running their hands over each other's smooth, warm flesh, and interlocking legs, white and black. Both boys were wearing boxers and it was not long before free hot lolita pictures they slipped their hands down each other's back and slipped their fingers under the elastic band to grasp and squeeze each other's buttocks. Sitting up and slipping to the foot of the bed, Shad reached up and drew down Aaron's boxers, revealing his blond bush and partially aroused cock and low-hanging balls. Taking Aaron's right foot and placing it in his lap, Shad smiled down at the flushed, dreamy-eyed teen as he ever so slowly and seductively began to roll down his ankle sock. He knew how much Aaron loved foot play, a fetish going back to his first sexual experimentation with a boy actor from Brazil when they were very very young lolitas both at the tender age of eleven. Slowly rolling the sock off his bd company lolita pics foot, Shad began to caress it, beginning with his ankle bones and slowly working down, gently kneading and massaging with small concentric circles until he reached his toes. Placing Aaron's foot in his lap, he similarly removed Aaron's other sock and did the same once again. A singer's vocal cords are all important, but his feet are a close second considering the dance routines and the amount of time a singer spends each day on his feet, performing and practising. Raising Aaron's foot to his face he closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, and was rewarded as he had expected with the fresh, erotic fragrance of boy feet and shoe leather. Looking down at Aaron through slightly parted lids, he smiled and Aaron returned the smile. He kissed the young pop singer's feet, beginning at the ankles and working down the back of his foot to his toes. Kissing the tips and running his tongue over them, he returned to the largest toe and traced the end of the tender tight lolita pussy toenail with his young models cp loli tongue. Running his tongue over the back of his toe to where it joined Aaron's foot, he moved on to the next largest toe and ran his tongue up nude babies lolitas free the back and then traced the edges of its toenail before moving on to the third toenail. Finishing with the smallest toe, he slowly worked back up to Aaron's ankle, running his tongue again over the back of his foot and leaving behind a trail of spittle. Raising his foot bbs lol rompl tgp still higher, he worked his way back down along the sides and Aaron's sensitive soles, and then took each toe in his mouth and sucked on it. He knew the symbolism of a black boy kissing and sucking a white boy's feet, and although that was definitely not their relationship lolitas teen nudes bbs nor what was going on, that symbolism made it all the more erotic. By this time Aaron was fully erect and preteen porn pics lolita as young model nude lolita he lay there and looked up at Shad sitting there in his boxers and socks with his Mickey Mouse pendant hanging from his neck, his thick, black lips wrapped about his large toe and sucking on it, the symbolism was not lost on him either. As Shad worked his tongue between first his largest toe and the second, and then between the second and the third, Aaron worked the toes of his other foot into the fly of Shad's boxers. He trembled with delight as he felt Shad's saliva dribble between his toes, and he ran his large toe along the stiff shaft he'd found in the rap singer's boxers. As Shad's saliva oozed down the sole of his foot, he worked the boy's stiff cock out of his illegal naked preteen lolitas fly with his other foot and ran his toes along the length of the iron-hard shaft and over the bulb, Shad's foreskin having slid back to reveal it. He thought back to the first time he'd ever touched a boy's cock with his lolitas 8 15 yo toe, and the first time he'd touched Shad's that way, and a tremor of desire rippled up his own stiff cock. As Shad began to run his tongue along his sole, Aaron's entire body ached to get off a load, and he knew if Shad kept it up much more he'd be shooting one off. After delighting in their play a few minutes longer, the boys exchanged positions, Aaron first of all removing Shad's nn lolita panties pics boxers. As much as he wanted to grasp that delightful chocolate bone projecting between Shad's legs and jerk it off, or wrap his tongue about the knob and suck out the marrow, he instead turned to Shad's feet as Shad had turned to his. It was not because he k ds lolita models felt he had to pleasure Shad that way since Shad had done it to him. He'd turned to Shad's feet because of all parts of a boy's body, nothing turned him on like the fragrance and taste of his feet. Besides, he knew how sweet it was having one's feet licked and sucked and he wanted to give Shad that pleasure also. As he slowly rolled down Shad's ankle sock, he admired the rap singer's foot, the richness of the colour and the way the dark little lolita cunnie tgp brown back gradually blended in with the lighter coloured pinkish brown sole. Shad's toes were longer than his own and more compact, forming guestbook preteen loli kds a curve from largest toe to smallest rather than a slant like his did. His foot had a rich, earthy smell that caused Aaron's now lolas nude dark collection desperately aching cock to twitch wildly. Raising Shad's foot, he kissed the back, and then each toe. Like Shad, he was well aware of the symbolism of a white boy kissing a black boy's foot, but this had nothing to do with dominance or submission young models sites lolitas nor of race, it was simply one boy with a desperate need to please the other. Slipping his lips over Shad's largest toe, he sucked gently on it as a child would suck houti free loli bbs a thumb, which his toe resembled in size and shape. Easing his mouth off, he wormed his tongue between his large toe and horny little loli sluts the next one, and then slipping over the back of the second toe he wormed his tongue between the second and third and then under the third and between it and the fourth. He similarly wove his tongue in and out between the toes of the rapper's other foot, delighting in the taste and aroma of his black feet. "Oh maaaannnn, you drive me insane," sighed Shad, causing Aaron to sing an impromptu version of 'Real Good Time': "You and I are not to blame, Sometimes we just go insane, Maybe it's the smell, maybe the taste All that I know is that I love your toe Boy I'm telling you no lies, Boy your foot I idolize." "Man, dat song ain't gonna make the charts no how!" laughed Shad. "Screw the charts. I want to make it with you." "I'm all yos." "Fuck me." "Wut?" "Fuck me. I want to feel you inside me. I want to feel your cock plugged up my ass. I want to feel your hot juice shooting up my bowels." "You crazy." "Have you ever fucked anyone before? A guy that is?" "I've never fucked nobody befoe, guy or girl." Aaron scrambled off the reteen lolita models nude bed and found his discarded cargo pants. Fishing in one of the pockets, he pulled out a tube of KY. "Wut's dat?" "KY. shy pre teen lolita Lube." "You carry lube around wit you?" "Hey, I'm a good boy loli cartoons in english scout. Always prepared." "I don't believe you," Shad observed as he shook his head and chuckled. "Okay, I only russiain lolita preteen nude carry it when I think there's a good chance the guy I'm going to be with might want to fuck my ass," Aaron responded, knowing that was not the way Shad had meant his statement. "I brought condoms too, if you want to use them. Some guys aren't too keen on sticking junior up a guy's shit chute. Or if you're worried about disease or anything like that, I don't nude lolita pic post mind if you use a safe." "Dere a reason I need to be using protection?" "No." "Then let's not." "You'll do me then?" "If dat's wut you want," Shad replied. He would do anything Aaron wanted him to do. "But I don't know if you'll like it. preteen lolita non nude I've never done it befoe so I don't know if I'll be any good." "Don't worry, I'll guide you." Applying a generous dollop of lube to Shad's stiff, black cock, Aaron smeared it over his hot, throbbing organ, and then cleaned off his greased fingers by inserting them up his rectum and constricted his anal sphincter as he withdrew them. Dropping to his hands and knees on the floor, he looked back at Shad, and at his shiny black pole. "Let's do it doggy style," he said with a grin. Shad didn't need an explanation. Dropping to his knees behind Aaron, he shuffled forward and placed the tip of his organ against his butthole. Shad being young and poker stiff, and Aaron being experienced and horny, and the two being well-lubed, it did not take that child lolitas top 100 many tries nor that much effort for Shad to sink his cock up Aaron's asshole. As Aaron felt the knob pop inside, he stopped pushing out and sighed with delight. That delight increased and he inhaled deeply teen lolita nude imagefap as he felt Shad slowly continue to sink his cock up his body until the black boy's coarse, curly hairs were pressing against his tail bone. preteen lolita mini models Shad spread apart his long, black fingers as he grasped Aaron's pale pink buns and delighted in the sensation of having his aching cock totally surrounded by hot, moist flesh. He had wondered what it would be like to have his cock up a preteen children lolita nude cunt, and having it up Aaron's ass was exactly what he'd imagined it would be like, except maybe tighter. He slowly drew his hips back, easing his cock back out of Aaron's hole until his knob was stretching open his sphincter, and then he sank it back in until his loins were pressed against Aaron's rump. Kneeling there on the floor in the plush hotel suite, he fucked the ass of the fourteen-year-old white singer with growing lust, the pressure building up in his loins faster than it ever had before. He gasped for breath and grunted with exertion and arousal, and hearing Aaron gasping and snorting also, doubled his pleasure. He was fucking for the first time in his life, and it was totally awesome. He quivered as he felt the pleasure from his irritated dickhead ripple down his only lolitas free pictures shaft and the pressure continue to increase deep in his loins. It was far from Aaron's first time, but it was still just as awesome for him too as he constricted and relaxed his sphincter in time with Shad's thrusts. He trembled with the delight of having his asshole plugged and jerked each time Shad's cockhead brushed against his prostate. Grab a partner hit the floor Bounce wit me, bounce wit me, Some clap, clap, others stomp But around here we git it crunk when ya Bounce wit me, bounce wit me All I wanna do is see ya Bounce wit me, bounce wit me. The two young stars fucked in time with the beat and the words, their breaths growing deeper and more laboured and lolita s in bikini their naked bodies beginning to sweat. At non nude preteen lolas last Shad erupted, filling Aaron's rectum with spurt after spurt of hot juice, and at the same time Aaron blasted, shooting out his semen in a rapid volley of squirts. As Shad's thick, black cock began to make slucking noises as he worked it in and out of Aaron's tight, cum-filled asshole, each stroke squeezing out more of his slick cum, Aaron's teenage load spattered the thick champagne-coloured carpet beneath him. The two boys gasped for breath as the initial blast of their climax was replaced by the warm blush of relief and they knelt there in a near swoon as they inhaled the cum-scented air. When at last Shad withdrew and sat back on his haunches, he found he was in a way saddened login gratis lolita models that it was over, but also had a warm sense of accomplishment. Aaron twisted around and sat on his haunches beside him. "So, did you like your first fuck?" he asked, suspecting the answer from Shad's expression. "Fa sho." "So'd I." He wrapped an arm about Shad and the two boys kissed. It was a long, tender kiss, free euro lolita pic the kiss of two lovers, a kiss of congratulations and of thanks. It was followed by a second, and a tiny little lolita cunt third, Shad kneeling there with his shiny black cock streaked with lube and cum slowly becoming limp, and Aaron's anus slowly losing its burn and oozing out Shad's slick juice. At some point over the next hour the two boys moved to the large, king-sized bed where they continued to embrace, caress, and kiss. Shad finally reached down and began to fiddle with Aaron's limp but swelling cock, and Aaron similarly reached over and began to fondle Shad's low-hung balls. "Will you do me dis time?" Shad asked. "I'd dance naked down Hollywood and Vine if you'd just ask," Aaron replied, looking into Shad's eyes dreamily. "Maybe later," Shad responded with a grin. "Maybe the two of us." That would be the talk of the town, as would what the two boys did next had anyone looked into the twenty-first story window. Laying there on his back on the thick yellow comforter, Shad raised his hips and Aaron placed three of the italian lolita kid models four large blue-trimmed pillows under his hips to raise his ass. He lubed the exposed, brown pucker and then his stiff, slender cock, and kneeling there between Shad's outspread legs, he positioned the tip of his top teen topless lolita dick against the awaiting hole. Telling the anxious but eager rapper to push out with his abdomen, he pressed forward, and with his expertise and their youthful eagerness, the two horny boys united once more, this time face to face, and this time with the white boy penetrating the black. Aaron slowly eased his cock up Shad's virgin ass until his loins were pressed against Shad's, and leaning forward, he kissed the rap singer's thick, moist lips. Shad reached up and slipping his arms about the white hip hop star, he returned the kiss. The two continued to exchange hot, short kisses as Aaron began to work his hips to and fro, easing his slender white cock in and out of the black buttocks of his fellow child lolita free bbs entertainer. The two boys closed their eyes and concentrated on the pleasure pulsating through their loins. Aaron worked his ass to and fro slowly, the tingling irritation of his dickhead and the mounting pressure in his loins urging him to speed up but experience telling him to take his time and enjoy the pleasure. He also knew from experience the pleasure Shad was feeling, and that he was causing that unique pleasure doubled Aaron's enjoyment. Whenever he'd had sex, he'd wanted to bring his partner as much pleasure as he himself was feeling, and in Shad's case, he was even more eager, not just because it was Shad's first time, but because of all the boys he'd had sex with, he'd loved none of them as deeply as little pussy lolita jpg he loved Shad. They had so much in common, and understood each other and each other's lives so well. 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